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Specialist for temperature-controlled transports

In pharmaceutical logistics, the correct handling of the sensitive products is crucial. M&M Air Cargo Service Bulgaria is an expert in this field, with many years of service for renowned customers.


How important an uninterrupted cold-chain for the transport of certain goods is, shows the transport of vaccines. Usually, sensitive pharmaceutical products are transported at temperatures between 15° Celsius and 25° C – while vaccines need to be kept at temperatures between 2° C and 8° C. To give an example: for the Bulgarian health organization, M&M Air Cargo Service Bulgaria air-ships vaccines to Africa, Asia, and Europe. For another customer, M&M has been doing, since late 2014, regular, temperature-controlled exports to Australia. All transports are equipped with loggers that record the temperature from departure to arrival. That way, the team can track and analyze each deviation exactly and take corrective measures to further improve reliability and quality assurance.


The main challenges
«We have to offer competitive rates while exclusively using reputable and reliable airlines which meet the approved operational procedures and are equipped to handle temperature-controlled shipments. As the shipper of medical products, we are an important part of the supply chain and are responsible for maintaining an uninterrupted cold chain in order to safeguard the quality of the goods. Every day, we are well aware of this responsibility; in future, too, we want to guarantee the impeccable quality of our customer’s products with carefully planned, fast trasnports and an end-to-end cold chain”, says Ekaterina Stoykova, Sales and Customer Service, M&M Air Sea Cargo Service Bulgaria.

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